Build your Magical Kingdom of Soul-Partnership:

Growing meaning and romance in your relationship.

This is our signature coaching program. This program starts with a one-day in-person event to immerse couples in the context and model of Soul-Partnership. This followed by a 4 month virtual program that guides couples through a process of applying it to their relationship.

As a result of participating in the program, couples deepen their appreciation for and understanding of their relationship. They become more committed and supporting partners to each other. They learn how to create magical conversations together. They become part of a supportive community of couples committed to one another’s growth. Participating couples gain:

  • A clear foundation for your Soul-Partnership Kingdom, consisting of these themes:

    • Origin myth - The inspiring story about how your Kingdom came into being

    • Values - What is most important to your Kingdom

    • Purpose - Embracing the purpose which your Kingdom exists to fulfill

    • Roles - Clarity about your roles as King and Queen

    • Court - Social system of support for your kingdom

  • The experience of having your relationship witnessed and celebrated by supportive peers

  • Tools to bring their relationship back into alignment when things get rough

  • A local supportive community of other couples using the Soul-Partnership framework

Program structure:

4 month duration

  • A one-day in-person live event kick-off

  • 4 Monthly modules. Each module focuses on a theme (Values, Purpose, Roles, Court) :

    • Videos from Ab and Clive of:

      • Context (why it is important)

      • Instructions (what to do) and

      • Modeling (this is what ours looks like)

    • An assignment to be completed together as a couple.

    • Weekly conversational topics on the theme - delivered by email. Bite-sized nuggets to encourage and inspire connection

    • A group Q&A conference call where participants can ask questions about the content of the month’s module. Recorded so couples can listen at their convenience.

    • Local “Learning Court”- study group meetings for those who want to meet in person (study group guide provided)

  • Private couples coaching session with Ab and/or Clive

  • Cost $725 US/ $950 Canadian per couple

  • 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with what you are getting we will return your program fees within 30 days of the kick-off event.

Live event kick-off locations and dates:

Vancouver, BC, Canada. - Jan 22nd 2016

San Francisco, CA - date TBD

Winnipeg, Canada - date TBD