We see marriage as a sacred commitment and a unique opportunity to learn and grow together. Marriage has the potential to be the most nurturing and rewarding relationship of our lifetime - our soul’s most valuable asset. To realize this potential, we need to invest in it.

What is the state of your relationship? Are you as deeply in love as when you married? Or has the excitement about your future become dulled by the mundane tasks of everyday life? What are the conversations which dominate your time together? Are you called forward by a sense of shared purpose, or bogged down by reactivity and petty disagreements?

Soul-Partnership is about consciously raising our conversations to a more creative level. We help couples consciously create a relationship that aligns with their highest intentions; a relationship that feeds both their souls.

By tapping into the creative spirit in our relationship we deepen our connection to a shared purpose - why we are together. It is this purpose that gives our relationship meaning beyond the logistics of running a household, raising children and pursuing a career. Without connection to a shared purpose, it is almost inevitable that couples drift apart. The love that they felt in the “honeymoon period” melts away. This loss of love is not something to gracefully accept (like aging). It is not inevitable. By choosing to invest in your relationship you can see your love evolve as you co-create the relationship of your soul’s dreams.

This is the work of Soul-Partnership.


About Us

Hi, we are Abigail and Clive Prout. We are a married couple who have both been professional coaches for over 15 years. When we first met, we shared a sense of meeting our soulmates, and a knowing that we had work to do together - a purpose to express in the world together. This was the seed of Soul-Partnership that we have used to guide our relationship for the past 12 years. It has evolved  as we have applied our learning as Co-Active coaches, leaders and trainers for The Coaches Training Institute to our own relationship. We started initiating other couples into Soul-Partnership work in 2015 and have been humbled and inspired by the response so far…

You can read more about our story and what is important to us here….

Our Model

Soul Partnership is the context we use to deepening our partnership and keep us learning and growing together. It is based on the premise that the primary purpose of our relationship is to support the evolution of our souls, and has grown from there.

As we have started to share this context with others, we have been encouraged by the response. And our understanding of Soul-Partnership has evolved. Together with a growing community of practitioners, we are are committed to co-creating and sharing this work.

You can learn more about our context, metaphor and model here….




4 Month Programs For Couples. Live Event Kick-Off With Virtual Components.


Deep immersion experiences. Residential retreats to rejuvenate your relationship.

Testimonials from Soul Partnership couples


“We now have a kingdom. We have ways to articulate what our soul needs, what the relationship needs, and what the our partner needs. We  ask our partner to behave in ways that help us grow.  We spend less time talking about stuff, and more time talking about our soul journey.  This stretches us in ways that are delightful.” Louann - Vancouver, BC

“Wow! So hard to sum up in words. It was a beautiful recognition of the foundation of our love. The simple beauty of reflecting on the beginning to inform the future brought us right into the present moment. I feel so much love and admiration for my husband right now as I write this.” KC - Boulder, CO

“Life gets busy.  We can take our relationship for granted.  We can stop seeing the other. We are now living our commitment in vibrant jewel tones - magenta, fuschia, turquoise.  There is a deep honoring of, seeing of, and listening to each other.  The word that comes to mind is generosity.  Love.” Rochelle, Vancouver, BC